We help to revitalize your body, restoring its natural capacity for health and well-being.


Our Healthcare Team

An innovator with a growing international reputation for treating chronic degenerative disease, our Chief Medical Director, Dr Karim Dhanani, founded the Centre for Biological Medicine in 2002 with the goal of combining science and compassion in medical practice.

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Your Journey, Our Approach

Every patient's journey to optimal health is unique, which is why our approach is tailored personally to you. At the heart of our holistic practice lie a few fundamental observations – that, in most cases, the human body is born healthy, has an innate ability to heal, and relies on its emotional and energetic states.

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Treatments & Assessments

All of the Centre for Biological Medicine's treatments and assessment tools are carefully selected based on long and respected records of success in hospitals and clinics across the globe. Our Chief Medical Director, Dr Dhanani, meets with the formulators and manufacturers of the Centre's equipment regularly in order to understand how our team can best use them for your benefit.

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Your Guide to Supplements

Your body has an amazing, natural ability to defend itself, and to flush toxins out of the system through sweat, saliva, urine, and stool. When these toxic substances are not released naturally, they cause disruptions. We can identify a range of natural supplements that step in to assist.

As part of your treatment program, we may prescribe a number of highly effective, all-natural, alternative remedies to assist in your healing and long-term health management.

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What is Biological Medicine? It is the most technologically and scientifically rigorous kind of natural medicine there is.



Expertise you can count on.

Our Chief Medical Director Dr. Dhanani, ND - regularly scours the globe to identify and integrate into our practice the best tools for your improved health. With us as your partner, you’ll benefit from expertly trained staff, innovative technology, and proven treatment methodologies.