Success Stories

Your Guide to Treatments & Assessments

All of our treatments and assessment tools at the Centre for Biological Medicine are personally and carefully selected by Dr. Dhanani and have long and respected records of success in hospitals and health institutions across the globe. Dr. Dhanani makes frequent research trips to Germany, meeting with the chief formulators and engineers of equipment and technologies to understand how our team can best use them for your benefit.

You may have experienced some of the following treatments and assessments at your initial assessment, and some you may be introduced to at other stages of your personalized treatment program.


Our focus is to explore and analyze your health at the cellular level — the cells themselves, the environment they’re living in, and how they interact.

— Dr. Karim Dhanani




What it is:
A German-engineered bio-resonance assessment and therapy machine used in the treatment of many health conditions. For example, it is Germany’s most recommended and proven treatment for allergies.

How it works:

Our machine: 

1. Scans and assesses your body’s electromagnetic waves against a catalogue of known healthy organ system frequencies.;
2. Uses bio-resonance technology to invert and neutralize your body’s harmful frequencies and increase its healthy frequencies. In simpler terms, we create a current that allows us to access the body’s energy flow, determining where there are energetic reductions or blockages.This process is similar to the way practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine use acupuncture to restore the flow of qi (energy) throughout the body’s meridians or energy highways.

Your benefits:

  • A balanced system: The frequencies the machine sends back to your body condition it to normalize healthy frequencies, restoring balance across your biological system.

  • Safety: German manufacturing standards are among the world’s most stringent, with rigorous testing of all bio-resonance devices. The MORA NOVA is produced by one of Germany’s longest standing original formulators of such devices.





What it is:
A holistic therapy in which you inhale pure, medical grade oxygen that has been treated to produce either a negative or positive ionized charge on the oxygen. Generally, inhaling negative ions is known to create a relaxing effect while positive ions create a stimulating effect.

How it works:

  1. Our Oxygen Ion 3000 device identifies your personal oxygen needs, testing for one of nine nervous system patterns to map your stress adaptation response. A clear understanding of this pattern allows us to identify specific nervous system imbalances, and to prescribe a course of treatment personalized to your individual needs.

  2. Based on the identified pattern, the machine treats the oxygen ions with either a negative or positive charge.

  3. In some cases, your practitioner may add a homeopathic liquid remedy to your oxygen treatment to boost the healing process. The lungs have larger mucous membranes than those under your tongue, offering a more direct route into your system.

Your benefits:

  • Immune system improvements

  • Blood circulation improvements

  • Stress reduction

  • Energy and oxygen balance improvements

  • Disease prevention





What it is:
Soft laser therapy is a highly researched and proven treatment in which a fibre optic laser focuses light to penetrate tissues for a precisely targeted treatment.

How it works:

Laser therapy can be applied either topically or intravenously, with light passing through an IV and sending regulatory signals to the cells directly within the body.

Your benefits:

  • Pain reduction

  • Tissue regeneration

  • Immune system improvements

  • Metabolism optimization & inflammatory marker improvements





What it is:
An analysis on a sample of your regular drinking water to determine any impacts it may be having on your health.

How it works:

  1. Purity test: We use a device that sends a current through a water sample to measure how fast it travels. The faster the current travels (meaning there are less chemicals or heavy metals impeding it), the higher the purity.

  2. pH test: Your body requires a very narrow pH range (between 7.35 and 7.43) to function optimally. The pH levels in drinking water should be slightly acidic (contrary to the alkaline water trend), allowing your body to maintain a balance within a healthy, slightly alkaline range.

Your benefits:

  • An understanding of how your drinking water is affecting your health.




What it is:
A computerized analysis of your blood, urine, and saliva to determine the health your terrain and identify any imbalances.

How it works:

This laboratory procedure measures the following levels in samples of your body’s fluids to create an in-depth picture of your terrain:

  1. pH: Levels of acidity and alkalinity

  2. Resistivity: Levels of mineralization

  3. Redox: Levels of hydrogen pressure

Your benefits:

  • Detection of imbalances in your terrain before conditions become chronic or require more invasive medical procedures.




What it is:
An effective method for examining blood cells using a high-powered microscope specifically adapted to showcase your body’s terrain.

How it works:

  1. A small drop of blood is withdrawn from your fingertip and placed on a clean microscope slide covered with a glass coverslip;

  2. The Darkfield microscope projects a 1,600x magnified image onto a monitor, providing you with a live, birds-eye view of the state of your terrain — including blood cells, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Your benefits:

  • A picture of your terrain’s health, including nutritional markers (both micro and macro nutrients) and digestive, organ and immune system function.