At the heart of our holistic practice lie a few fundamental observations - that in most cases, the human body is born healthy, has an innate ability to heal itself, and its emotional and energetic states matter. These observations and the following principles guide our work and fuel your journey.


So what’s German Biological Medicine? It’s the most technologically and scientifically rigorous kind of natural medicine there is. In the last half-century, doctors and scientists in Europe have caught onto this idea that fighting illness isn’t just about keeping foreign germs and toxins out of the body – though that matters too. It’s also about boosting your body’s own immune capabilities, and this involves working with what those of us who practice Biological Medicine call the body’s “terrain”, the environment between your cells. So much of the body’s dysfunction is caused by breakdowns in the cells’ ability to communicate with one another, because of issues related to the conditions in this environment. Biological Medicine techniques study and map this terrain, and then apply advanced technologies to help restore it to its natural state – clean, healthy, and happy.



A new standard in naturopathic medicine

We’ve made it our mission to create an advanced and exploratory version of naturopathic medicine. What does that mean, exactly? Instead of focusing only on disease diagnosis and treating symptoms, we investigate and analyze the conditions within and around your body to identify the causes of disease — which we believe is the single most important factor in regaining health. As we work on your case, we consider all aspects of your body’s health, including genetic variations and expression, hormones, neurotransmitters, gut health and infections, environmental exposures, lifestyle factors, and diet. Our environmentally and energetically clean clinic, set on two-acres of natural forest, sets a new standard for your total health.

Expertise you can count on

Our Chief Medical Director Dr. Dhanani, ND - regularly scours the globe to identify and integrate into our practice the best tools for your improved health. With us as your partner, you’ll benefit from expertly trained staff, innovative technology, and proven treatment methodologies.


Your body’s ability to heal itself

Any injury to your body, from a simple cut to something more complex, sets off a chain reaction aimed at self-restoration and preservation. This process occurs in your body’s cells, which have an amazing capacity for regeneration — red blood cells turn over every four months, skin cells every week, and the cells of your small intestine every few days. Biological medicine seeks to activate cellular regeneration to boost the body’s natural healing ability.

Your health & your terrain

Our focus is to explore and analyze your health at the cellular level — the cells themselves, the environment they’re living in, and how they interact. We call your cells’ environment the ‘terrain,’ and it affects cell development, function, and longevity. To explain in simple terms, think of your terrain as a fish bowl. If the water is clean, the fish (your cells) will be happy and healthy. If the water becomes cloudy, the fish’s overall health declines. Rebalancing the water improves the health of the fish. Your overall health is rooted in a healthy terrain. By understanding your unique cellular terrain, we can hone in on the root causes of disease and unblock your path to health.

Your energy matters

To us, our patients are more than just their bodies. That’s why we take a holistic approach to your care, versus a purely anatomical one. Your emotional and energetic state have an extraordinary impact on your health. Backed by experience and decades of biological medicine research, we work to balance these energies and restore your health using government-approved German technology that is used in hospitals around the world.

Your role in your health journey

Your health isn’t only in our hands — it’s in yours. One of our primary goals is to educate and empower you to become an active partner in your own healing as we help you to identify the root causes of your ailments, and find the answers that have eluded you. We are committed to giving you the encouragement and support you need to feel informed and in control of your health journey.


Your holistic health — integration with current medical care

We know and understand that you likely have other healthcare partners — in conventional medicine or other areas of holistic medicine. Our goal is not to replace your current medical team, but to complement and bolster it. Healthcare is a collaborative effort. That’s why we remain in close communication with your loved ones, caregivers, and medical practitioners, communicating any changes, updates or new insights on your protocol. It is important to us that your attending physician has reviewed any changes and given consent to treatments prescribed by the Centre for Biological Medicine practitioners working with you.