Most importantly, our patients are all people who want the best out of life.


Our Clients

Our clients are individuals, families, doctors and professionals, some of whom deal with chronic disease and others who are just serious about taking their health to the next level. 

Dr. Dhanani’s. ND - unique treatment of chronic degenerative diseases has garnered a distinctive international clientele, drawing patients and professional consultation requests from professional athletes, doctors, scientists, Nobel laureates, politicians and leaders worldwide.

All of our clients expect superior treatments, warm and trusted patient care, and ongoing support along their health journey. The Centre for Biological Medicine attracts people seeking answers where there previously have been none.


What to expect at your first appointment

Your first appointment will take approximately two hours to accommodate an in-depth investigation into your health that allows us to create a truly personalized treatment plan for you. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Intake: Our team will review your medical and health histories via our intake form.

  • Test sample of your drinking water: We ask that you bring a sample of your regular drinking water with you to your first appointment — this allows us to investigate how your water may be affecting your health.

  • Saliva & urine analysis: These give us more information on the function and stresses of your organs.

  • Darkfield Microscope Analysis: Using our Darkfield Microscope, we project a magnified sample of your blood onto a screen, providing you with a live, birds-eye view of the state of your terrain — including blood cells, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

  • VEGA/Bio-Resonance Machine Test: We ask that you bring any supplements — prescription or over-the-counter — you are currently taking with you to your first appointment. We ask that you bring the actual supplements, not empty bottles or photographs. We test the ingredients of your current and newly prescribed supplements using sophisticated instrumentation designed to assess your energetic reactions to each.

  • Personalized treatment protocol: Your doctor will provide you with a customized protocol to follow, and may undergo some immediate treatments.

Patient care coordination: Your Patient Care Coordinator will meet with you immediately following your initial appointment to review your protocol, supplements, and possible reactions. She will answer any questions you may have and book your follow-up appointments.

Next Steps

Your Patient Care Coordinator is here to support you. Feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns you may have.


Phone: 905.780.9912

One week prior to your first appointment with us, she will send you an email with the following:

  • Reminders for how to prepare for your upcoming appointment

  • Our detailed intake form

  • A review of our policies